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Motion Picture Services

Film is special. Among many of its unique imaging characteristics, I find the physical tangibility of it is defining a new generation of artists and filmmakers. It is hard to find meaning in our increasingly hollow digital existence. If you're like me, chances are you are drawn to film because you can touch it, interact with it and harness its light-gathering ability to create images with a presence not readily felt by digital means. It gives limitation, which is a good thing, as more thought is put into what it is you are trying to convey. And isn't the manufacture and technology surrounding film something incredible?


So when you worked hard to capture thousands of miniature still frames, all neatly sequenced, embedded on a roll of physical emulsion, the world begins to make a little more sense...

I'm proud to have the opportunity to add cinema film to my services, opening another welcome avenue of motion picture process and scan in Toronto. Stay tuned for new and exciting additions in the months ahead!

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