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Develop + Scan

(8mm/Super 8mm)

Your film will be treated to the same high-quality one-shot processing that I employ for all still photography formats. 

With Develop + Scan you'll automatically save $3 on HD scans or $5 on 2K scans at the time of development. The price list below reflects this per cartridge/roll.

Developed film will be spooled onto plastic 50' reels, complete with white leader and tail, and archived in a 4x4" clear zippered polypropylene bag for safety from dust, fingerprints and moisture.


For information on scan details and delivery options please read through the Scan Only page.




Super 8mm + HD (1080p) Scan


Super 8mm + 2K Scan


Regular 8mm + HD (1080p) Scan


Regular 8mm + 2K Scan


Super 8mm (Develop Only)


Regular 8mm (Develop Only)


Push +1, Push +2, or Pull -1


+$10.00 per Cart/Roll

S8 cart and box.jpg
8mm spool.jpg

Super 8 vs Regular 8

"What's the Difference?"

A roll of Super 8mm film is 50' long and comes in a plastic one-time use cartridge. They are designed for easy loading. Just drop the cartridge into your favourite Super 8 camera and get shooting. Once finished you'll see "Exposed" written on the film itself, identifying that it is shot and ready to be sent to the lab. 

Regular 8mm film pre-dates Super 8 by just over 30 years and is a little more complex when it comes to loading and handling. Also known as Standard 8, Double 8, Dual 8, or just plain 8mm, the film begins its life as double-perf 16mm film on a 25' daylight-load spool (see image above and illustration below). It is then shot and run through the camera twice. After processing, the film is slit down the middle and spliced together to create one 50' long reel akin to its younger Super 8 sibling. As you may have guessed, Super 8 and Regular 8 films are not compatible nor interchangeable with each other. Find out what your camera uses before purchase.

Super 8 film has an image area 1.56x larger than Regular 8. This makes for better colour fidelity, tonal separation and improved sharpness.

Regular 8 has a distinct look all its own and is capable of timeless results. Either way, I've got you covered!

8mm comparison.png

Ok Cool!

"Where Can I Get the Film?"

Downtown Camera stocks the new Kodak Ektachrome 100D and all Vision stocks in Super 8. Take advantage of their all-inclusive pricing. Purchase the roll together with process + scan for the best savings in the city!

Since Regular 8 is no longer produced, the Film Photography Project (FPP) took it upon themselves to custom load all the current movie film stocks available, including the new Ektachrome 100D for 8mm aficionados. 

Get your film here: CINE 8 Kodak Ektachrome 100D

S8 Ektachrome.jpeg
Cine8 100D.jpeg
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